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Pictures Of what they’ve done to our animals. (Santeria)

Again, if this is too much, please don’t go further. This is what this cult is doing to our animals!





THIS IS INHUMANE WHAT THEYRE DOING! We are taking every measure possible to prevent this! This whole thing makes me sick to my stomach.



Saga 7 (pictures beware)

Tuesday, I had to get my remicade infusion, and Jeremy had to go near Los Angeles for a job interview for FedEx. I took Zachary to school and came home at 7am. I noticed in our mini orchard we have, a tree broke from the wind the day before. I came inside and told Jeremy and he said ok, we will handle it. Where I was standing by the orchard, nothing was on the ground, remember this ok.

So I leave at 8am, Jeremy left shortly after I did. I returned home around noon, Jeremy text me and said he was still at FedEx and to lay down, because remicade makes me feel yucky. Ya think after 8 years of being on it, I’d be used to it. Ha ha, nope! Anyways, I step outside in the front and I hear buzzing. First I thought, oh maybe it’s a beehive in that tree that broke. I go to walk out there and this is what I see. (I told you this was gruesome) … STOP if you don’t want to see what’s next! I’m posting this so people believe us as to what these Santeria POS are doing. Below are pictures.. Do not judge me for posting this, as this is what we have to deal with every month it seems.


See the shovel, glove, and my Honey Cat! My shovel was near my front gate, this is about 125 feet from the front. She was placed in the pathway we use to walk to the 5th wheel. Notice the stick laying over her? SICK SICK SICK!

I didn’t want to call Jeremy because he was in the middle of an interview. I called Phil, who I adopted as a little brother. I called him in sheer panic and said “THE ASSHOLES MURDERED ANOTHER CAT”. He said, stay there, don’t touch her, I’m on my way. He came within 5 minutes. He took a look at her as he told me to take these pictures. He said it was deliberate. Her spine was broken in half, ribs crushed and we saw the imprint of the glove around her torso.


She had been held in their hands and squeezed to death. It had happened while we were gone, as she was NOT in rigor Mortis. It’s obvious by the glove handprints. Phil and I were sick. He buried her for me, because I just had treatment and could barely stand up. We noticed George outside sitting on the tailgate of his truck, dangling his feet, watching everything we were doing. To make a long story short, there were squatters living across from my house. Cops came and George starts running Into his house. ILLEGAL ASSHOLE! Nobody runs from the cops like that, they’re there for the squatters, maybe George believed Phil and I called the cops. Bastard

Yesterday, we started laying salt and red brick around the perimeters of our property for protection. Started to move cameras around, because where Honey was placed, cameras can’t see that side of the house. I walked Into the 5th wheel to lay salt and brick and noticed the trailer had been ransacked!


I believe that son of a bitch was in there either looking for another cat to kill, or something personal of ours to use as a way to cast a spell of bad luck. Most of you know the pure hell we have been through last year, it all adds up. Cops won’t do shit because they want evidence, this is why cameras are being moved.

When we started laying the salt and brick, George started flipping out. He grabbed his phone and called someone and started pointing at the salt and brick and started screaming. HA HA THATS RIGHT BASTARD GOTCHA! Them he rips his shirt off and starts mowing his cement again.

Saga 6

After all that crap in post 5, this brings us to this Christmas. Jeremy and I leave to run errands. We come back. I’m in the house, Jeremy comes running in. He says “you need to come with me by the deck” I’m like ok…. I go out there, and there is a fresh severed cat head facing us on the porch. I flipped out . No body, no blood, blood had been drained apparently. Remember they use cat blood to feed the Gods that believe in satanism. Again placed in an area where we walk. George is outside laughing. I call humane society, they wanted pictures. Emailed them and they suggested we buy cameras and explained that a few weeks ago, a lady nearby reported she woke up one morning and there were 6 cats heads posted on her fence posts. Was told by humane officer and my sister, it’s a cult called Santeria. They notified police and police watched their house and they said because George never came out, and didn’t do anything suspicious, there was nothin they could do.

That weekend we install surveillance cameras. They noticed what we were doing so, and laid low.

-George running his lawn mower over cement back and forth.

-Lucy (cat) goes missing.

-Walked in their far backyard, found cat bones, cat spines, and leg bones. Saved them and reported to humane society.

Brings us to this last week. Jeremy and I have an old 5th wheel trailer that we had intended to use, but with time permitting we never did. So we turned it into a bedroom for the kikis, so to speak. I leave it open, so they can go and lay down in there or just play hide n seek.

Part 7…

Sacrificing saga begins part 5

Two days later, we see my husbands cat BooBoo dead. Again this time he was placed in our driveway. Little George comes to our fence and says again that his daddy did it. I said, tell your daddy to get his ass over here, because I’ll tell him I WANNA SEE BLOOD”. Kid goes to get his dad, comes back and said “daddy doesn’t wanna talk to you”. I said “oh is that a fact, you people kill my animals for fun and he can’t show his face!” The kid smiles and had this odd look in his eye and said “Si”. Ugh!

Couple weeks go by, and I notice George is out at night, watching my cats play, or laying on our deck. Mind you, my cats cause no harm. They’re spoiled rotten, fat, fun and lazy. I yelled “CAT KILLERS” and he runs into the house. Now here what I’m gonna do is make notes of what they’ve done, some will be detailed, some will not be.

-George at night, comes out with a running chain saw towards our fence, I see him, he drops chainsaw and runs inside.

– They begin having all these sacrifice parties. People were bringing animals, and when they left, animals were gone. Went on for months

-Ava and kids leave for El Salvador, George bringing all these 1/2 naked ladies and basically has sex with them on the front lawn

-More cats were killed.
-All their activity is at night, in Pitch black, no lights, nothing.
-Ava returns from El Salvador, starts doing odd things, like letting a kids fill up a mop bucket, and use a shovel to let the kids hit eachother.

-Ava naked again, sitting in truck with towel on windshield wiper running.

– Broad daylight, smoke billowing from all windows in the house, with the smell of burning flesh.

-George again snoopin near my fence with a chain saw.

-Goats being sacrificed. Called animal control, they were fined yet again.

-Process Server comes to our house and thought we were George. It was a lawsuit that our homeowners insurance sought against them for the damage from the fire, as well as the bill from the fire department that went unpaid by them.

-George never left the house. But managed to have new vehicles brought to him with more landscaping equipment.

-Caught Ava opening the back of her van , mind you it was empty and she’s pretending to unload groceries from it

-Ava loaded a ton of laundry bags in van (weeks later), and used a car vaccum around clothes bags, vacuuming

-George always ripping his shirt off, and speaking in tounges.

-George having a bad day, loads a chicken in his truck, drives around backyard, drops chicken out, and leaves and doesn’t return for 2 days.

-Ava sets workboots on fire on back patio.

-George starts beating children and kids climb on the roof screaming. George then grabs a yellow bucket and bathes himself in the fluid.

-George pisses in their vans gas tank. He did this 4 times.

-George knocks down back fence with his truck, then sits on ground and starts speaking in tounges.

-George buys a horse trailer and starts putting orange comes around it, and pretends he’s a spotter and acts like the trailer is backing up.

-little George and Roberto always near out fence trying to lure our cats over there

Part 4.. Saga continues

After the whole “sibling frumpy dumpy time”, Jeremy and I were in disgust. These people are beyond demented and weird.

Now, please beware. This is where this section and sections hereafter, will begin to get gruesome, as it does make me sick to type this. Don’t go further if you don’t want too, I will completely understand.

I had my cat Sawyer, just the most precious little thing ever. Her nickname was “FuzzBucket” because when she was born, she was a ball of fur. Sawyer and I spent every single day together, playing ball, playing with her fish toy, I taught her to dance to the song “Somewhere Beyond the Sea”. Adorable! The morning of September 24, 2012, Sawyer was in the garage, and I let her out to play. Sawyer NEVER EVER left our yard, as she always stayed in the backyard or in the front . She was only 4 months old. So just maybe 10 minutes pass, and I’m heading to the car to get Zach off to school. I’m looking around and can’t find FuzzBucket. In a flash, I see George hit her with his truck, he put it in reverse and hit her again. IM SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. He pulls up at my drive way, rolls the window down, laughs, smiles, gives me a thumbs up and speeds off. Sawyer was dead. He hit her hard and twice and her intestines exploded in my driveway. I’m in total hysterics, Zach is screaming crying. I was shaking so bad, I called Animal Control. Told them what happened and they offered to pick her up and help me bury her. As they arrive, Sawyer is right in front of the driveway where he killed her. Ava gets in her car and on purpose, runs over Sawyer, honks her horn, waves and drive away. Animal control picked up my baby, wrapped her in a bag, and I there wrapped her favorite blankie around her. I told animal control what happened, and they said they would stay with me until one of those fucks returned home. As we are digging Sawyers grave, Ava shows back up. The officer from animal control walks over there and starts yelling, and I MEAN YELLING, at her saying basically, “why did you and your husband intentionally kill her animal” Ava then pretends she doesn’t speak English, and just starts screaming, but in a happy way. Animal control wrote them a ticket for “intent to harm or purposely kill an animal”, and they were fined, $600. What had happened was Sawyer was in the front yard pooping, and when she walked on the other side of gate, that’s when he got her. Later on, the officer came back and spoke to George and he admitted he killed her on purpose. SICK BASTARD! That’s when I started taking videos, of the wierd things they did after the kill something. Next day, their son little George comes to the fence and says ” my daddy killed your cat because he wanted to see blood” ! My heart ached and still aches to this day. How could someone kill an animal like that, on purpose! For that day on, the sacrificing began.

Part 5….

Part 3 of this Santeria Saga

The fire was investigated, and they found the neighbors were 100% responsible. They said it was Arson, and it was set deliberately. We suffered close to 50k in property damage.

From there for the next few months, things got really wierd. George would come home at dark and would always have brand spanking new landscape tools, Toro lawn mowers, weed eaters, tractors, etc. But, he would drive in without headlights and start unloading all this in the dark! Spooky! About 2 weeks later, I see all these little kids over there. At that time, we had about 7 cats. The kids come to the fence wanting to see the cats. So I said ok, and held the cats in my arms so they could see them. I didn’t think anything of it. Only later to find out, Santeria trains the boys to kill and it was their boys very interested in the babies. Their daughter Georgina comes to the fence and tells me OUT OF NO WHERE, “you see those pigeons we have, well my mom makes me go out there at night, and rip off their heads and skin them, because that will make me a good wife”. I stood there in utter disbelief. That’s disgusting! Then this little girl comes up and says “I’m Marcella and I have a baby brother, and we are going to El Salvador to see our mommy and papa”. I said “you’re parents are there” and she says “yes, they got deported to El Salvador a few months ago” I’m like, what the hell!

Now we come to about a week or so later. Carli was at the hospital preparing to have Bayne (my nephew). I was on standby as to when I needed to get there to be in the operating room with her. Anyways, her 2 daughters (my nieces), Camryn and Kennedy, and my son Zachary, were outside playing in the jungle. Ha ha, the jungle is a big section of tall trees we have. Well we see Ava come out with this rolling cage and she filled it with chickens. She takes the cage full of chickens, and we can hear them squaking. An hour passes, cage comes out EMPTY. My kids are flipping out. We all were like oh my gosh they’re doing it again! SICK!

Shortly after that, they have this motorhome. Jeremy and I were sitting on our deck, enjoying some glasses of iced tea, and see the motorhome rocking back and forth and up and down. We go to see what the ruckus is about and we see Georgina with no shirt on and she’s eh um….. Jumping her brother Roberto! We both start screaming! And me being a Portiguese smart ass, I yell “OMFG ITS FUCK YOUR BROTHER FRIDAY!”. Georgina looks scared shitless and puts her shirt on, and her and Roberto run into the house.

Part 4 next

Part two…

Next you’ll read about our fire…

In September 2012, my sister Carli was with me and we had gone grocery shopping. My husband Jeremy was home taking a nap. Carli and I return from grocery shopping, and she’s standing at my kitchen sink, looking out this big plant window I have, and she says, “Amanda there’s smoke in the back hard” Mind you, Jeremy and I own 2 1/2 acres, property is fenced, except maybe a 200sq section behind back fence. I look out and there’s massive smoke, and my sister said OMG AMANDA YOUR BACKYARD IS IN FIRE! We get Jeremy, Carli calls 911, we run outside, had to make sure Carli didn’t run so fast, because she was 8 months pregnant with my nephew. Neighbors from all around were coming outside with water buckets. Meanwhile next door, we see this guy earlier in the day (at the neighbors) , using a blow torch IN MAJOR WIND we had that day, cutting tops off some old vehicles. What kind of person does that in the wind! Ok, so! Here comes 13 fire trucks. Carli runs over to the neighbors and said “That man did this! He set their yard on fire”! Ava looked at Carli and said “Yes, yes yes”, as she was grabbing her goats and running away. The guy with the blow torch started running. Carli is yelling saying to Ava “who’s that man in your yard, he set the fire”! She says “I don’t know yes, yes” Carli yelled and said “you don’t know who’s in your fucking hard cutting cars, YOU LIAR”. Ava runs back in the house with her goats.

Took a bit for them to get the fire out. We lost 1/2 an acre. Once fire was out, I went out to take pictures . As I am doing so, here comes George. He rips his shirt off, slings in in circles in the air, lays on his back, hands and feet in the air and he’s speaking in what I thought was tounges. I started snapping pictures of him doing this. He kept doing this for hours it seemed. Like who the fuck does that! Only later on, to find out they start fires to awaken those Gods that worship Satan, and casts bad spells. Which makes sense because most of you know the hell we went through last year via twitter.

Part 3… Next