Take a ride

It was the year of the TAURUS, in the middle of spring. A tale of two siblings, a story to sing…. a brother and sister, with faith on their side, The story shall start as they take a ride. An EXPEDITION to the unknown, a world left behind, searching for fun, a FIESTA in mind. But little do they know what soon they will find…. an EXCURSION to nowhere to the EDGE of the world they find a great valley and utter no words. Just a look at eachother in great surprize, they FOCUS their eyes they just stare in awe as the sun starts to rise… with the glare gone away, they see a new day, with clarity they see something far away…
a journy inside, no they wont run and hide. Something magnificent theyre sure to find. Now walking through the hills, these things that theyve seen are far and in between. They see COBRAS and THUNDERBIRDS, and now frightened they search for an ESCAPE. On their path they find a RANGER, It leads them from danger….
Down a new path they go they keep up their TEMPO.
Up a hill it almost seemed strange, they see a herd of wild horses roaming a range.
Their eyes grew large ans the noticed one horse on top of a hill, the brother said with a whisper “this one is in charge”. The sister nodded in agreement and said “lets give this one a name” i shall call it MUSTANG they said at the same time… the king of of the hill in the middle of FORD valley. This brother and sister duo made the most amazing find. The all new FORD MUSTANG. The greatest of all time.



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