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“Hi, yes this is me, I’m Amanda from TLC’s America’s Worst Tattoos”

The show has aired finally…..and I have nothing but amazing reviews. For those of you who don’t know,or haven’t seen the show,  I am on America’s Worst Tattoos on TLC Network. Ha ha, never thought that would happen. Let’s not forget, I’m still me. A Mama, a Wife, a Daughter, A sister, A friend and an Auntie at the end of the day, and that comes first.

In 2007, I had a friend named Jason who I attended high school with. He was someone I felt I could trust. He called me and my husband one evening and said he was doing tattoos, and wanted to know if I was interested. I said sure, and what would he charge. At the time, my husband Jeremy was working for Budweiser, so Jason said he would give the tattoo for a case of beer. Hell yea, why not I thought? Oh my gosh that was the BIGGEST mistake I ever made, but at the end, I wouldn’t be where I am now in TV and the media if it wasn’t for him, so I suppose a “Thank You” is in order.

Jeremy and I went to our friend, Jose’s house, where Jason was doing the tattoos. NEVER GET A TATTOO at someones kitchen table FYI. I showed Jason a picture of what I wanted, which was a surfboard, maybe an ocean in the background. As you know, I love surfing, I may not be the best at it, but I sure do find it theraputic even when I am falling off my board. Ha ha. So jason starts my tattoo. Um………..this isnt what I asked for! Surfboards DO NOT have lines that GO ACROSS ASSHOLE! Image


OH WAIT THERES MORE! He added TINY palm trees around it that looked like pubic hair!Image


I was mortified! The moron ended up drunk from the case of beer we got him, and I am the idiot who thought this was a brililant trade! As my friend Steve McHugh from A&E Barter Kings@barterkingsteve said to me “He taught me well”. Oh sweet Steve, if we only knew each other back then, things would be so different. But I love you anyways! Ha ha! This is why my episode was called “Paying for a Tattoo With Beer” Yes Yes, I made a very BAD trade. Traded beer for a drunk tattoo artist to put a…….. “Vibrator, Cigar, Vicodin, Extra Strength Tylenol, Silver Bullet, Nail file, Penis with pubic hair etc” on my arm. I walked around with this hideous “Sexual Apparatus” (as I said on the show) on my arm for 7 years. I was mortified. At family gatherings or friends BBQ, first thing people would say was “Hey Manda, is that a dick on your arm”, or they would look at me with their held tilted sideways with that “What the Hell is that” thing look.

Last April, my friend Laurie @LALongman  Melissa @melissawoods and Kelly @clientkm told me I should apply for the show. I was like ok sure, Im sure nothing will come of it, but why not! So Laurie got me the application, and I applied. A few weeks later, the producers called me and wanted to do an interview. I was like holy moses YES! Interview went amazing lemme tell ya. July, I got the call to do a casting tape, so I did. Again, they were impressed. October came and here’s the email…..Image

I literally was screaming! Jeremy sat in shock, then it hit him, and he was estactic!Our son Zachary was like “Holy crap Mom, your weener will get circumsized” HA HA!  I took to twitter and they all went wild! TLC and Magilla Entertainment sent me and my spiritual Mom and dear friend April to Las Vegas, ALL EXPENSES PAID TRIP! Holy moly amazing! They put us up at The Palms Resort and Casino. BEAUTIFUL! So off to Black Wolf Tattoo we went. Now the week before, i spoke to my new tattoo artist Lisa Del Toro. You can find her on Instagram @missdeltoro. I just love her. Such a wonderful woman. I gave her an idea of what I wanted for her to sketch.

October 15, my Dad’s birthday was my FILM DAY! WHEW! 14 hours of filming takes a lot out of you. I was not nervous at all. My producers Joe Goodman, Jeff Smadbeck, my sound guy Mike Burko, my Production assistant Ilsa Goglick, and my director Jon Murray, ARE THE NICEST PEOPLE! I was so relaxed and happy. I had a total of 5 “on the fly” interviews, and NEVER had to do a retake. While Lisa and I were filming, Joe pulled April aside and asked If i have ever been in TV before. She said no, and they replied ver betim (ASK APRIL), Amanda is a total natural, a beauty, and she has a talent for being in front of the camera, and these are the people we love working with. I didnt find this out until after the 14 hr day. What a nice thing to say! I sat almost 8 hrs straight just having the new cover up done. I was fine until the end, and it started hurting. Lemme tell ya, having 28 needles in your bicep at once doesn’t feel so pleasant after a while. 

I wasn’t allowed to look down at the tattoo while Lisa was doing it, because they wanted to capture my real reaction. Finally the time came, and here came the reveal. Its my mother!! TOTAL COINCIDENCE! I was so moved and touched. I have sent many people the picture I have of my Mother, and they all agree it does look like her, as well as the majority of my family members. And for the small few that don’t, well all that matters its my opinion and my tattoo, and what I believe matters. PERIOD.



This tattoo means the world to me. It was such an amazing experience. And now because of the show, so many opportunities have come my way. Stay Tuned everyone. This is just the beginning for me. Go to http://www.tlc.com/americasworsttattoos and you can click through the pics and see mine. Also, for those of you who werent able to watch, I have it on my youtube channel, here are the links. I want to thank all of you for supporting me in this latest adventure, and whats ahead for me. I am so excited, and cannot wait to share it all with you! Hugs and kisses to all!

Youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcfUW2lVi40 Part One   http://youtu.be/UZt2GSFTOD4 Part 2

Instagram: sweetamandabeth

Twitter” @tweetsiecakes

For bookings, I do have a manager. Contact april.blonde@yahoo.com






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