Saga 7 (pictures beware)

Tuesday, I had to get my remicade infusion, and Jeremy had to go near Los Angeles for a job interview for FedEx. I took Zachary to school and came home at 7am. I noticed in our mini orchard we have, a tree broke from the wind the day before. I came inside and told Jeremy and he said ok, we will handle it. Where I was standing by the orchard, nothing was on the ground, remember this ok.

So I leave at 8am, Jeremy left shortly after I did. I returned home around noon, Jeremy text me and said he was still at FedEx and to lay down, because remicade makes me feel yucky. Ya think after 8 years of being on it, I’d be used to it. Ha ha, nope! Anyways, I step outside in the front and I hear buzzing. First I thought, oh maybe it’s a beehive in that tree that broke. I go to walk out there and this is what I see. (I told you this was gruesome) … STOP if you don’t want to see what’s next! I’m posting this so people believe us as to what these Santeria POS are doing. Below are pictures.. Do not judge me for posting this, as this is what we have to deal with every month it seems.


See the shovel, glove, and my Honey Cat! My shovel was near my front gate, this is about 125 feet from the front. She was placed in the pathway we use to walk to the 5th wheel. Notice the stick laying over her? SICK SICK SICK!

I didn’t want to call Jeremy because he was in the middle of an interview. I called Phil, who I adopted as a little brother. I called him in sheer panic and said “THE ASSHOLES MURDERED ANOTHER CAT”. He said, stay there, don’t touch her, I’m on my way. He came within 5 minutes. He took a look at her as he told me to take these pictures. He said it was deliberate. Her spine was broken in half, ribs crushed and we saw the imprint of the glove around her torso.


She had been held in their hands and squeezed to death. It had happened while we were gone, as she was NOT in rigor Mortis. It’s obvious by the glove handprints. Phil and I were sick. He buried her for me, because I just had treatment and could barely stand up. We noticed George outside sitting on the tailgate of his truck, dangling his feet, watching everything we were doing. To make a long story short, there were squatters living across from my house. Cops came and George starts running Into his house. ILLEGAL ASSHOLE! Nobody runs from the cops like that, they’re there for the squatters, maybe George believed Phil and I called the cops. Bastard

Yesterday, we started laying salt and red brick around the perimeters of our property for protection. Started to move cameras around, because where Honey was placed, cameras can’t see that side of the house. I walked Into the 5th wheel to lay salt and brick and noticed the trailer had been ransacked!


I believe that son of a bitch was in there either looking for another cat to kill, or something personal of ours to use as a way to cast a spell of bad luck. Most of you know the pure hell we have been through last year, it all adds up. Cops won’t do shit because they want evidence, this is why cameras are being moved.

When we started laying the salt and brick, George started flipping out. He grabbed his phone and called someone and started pointing at the salt and brick and started screaming. HA HA THATS RIGHT BASTARD GOTCHA! Them he rips his shirt off and starts mowing his cement again.


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