Saga 6

After all that crap in post 5, this brings us to this Christmas. Jeremy and I leave to run errands. We come back. I’m in the house, Jeremy comes running in. He says “you need to come with me by the deck” I’m like ok…. I go out there, and there is a fresh severed cat head facing us on the porch. I flipped out . No body, no blood, blood had been drained apparently. Remember they use cat blood to feed the Gods that believe in satanism. Again placed in an area where we walk. George is outside laughing. I call humane society, they wanted pictures. Emailed them and they suggested we buy cameras and explained that a few weeks ago, a lady nearby reported she woke up one morning and there were 6 cats heads posted on her fence posts. Was told by humane officer and my sister, it’s a cult called Santeria. They notified police and police watched their house and they said because George never came out, and didn’t do anything suspicious, there was nothin they could do.

That weekend we install surveillance cameras. They noticed what we were doing so, and laid low.

-George running his lawn mower over cement back and forth.

-Lucy (cat) goes missing.

-Walked in their far backyard, found cat bones, cat spines, and leg bones. Saved them and reported to humane society.

Brings us to this last week. Jeremy and I have an old 5th wheel trailer that we had intended to use, but with time permitting we never did. So we turned it into a bedroom for the kikis, so to speak. I leave it open, so they can go and lay down in there or just play hide n seek.

Part 7…


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