Sacrificing saga begins part 5

Two days later, we see my husbands cat BooBoo dead. Again this time he was placed in our driveway. Little George comes to our fence and says again that his daddy did it. I said, tell your daddy to get his ass over here, because I’ll tell him I WANNA SEE BLOOD”. Kid goes to get his dad, comes back and said “daddy doesn’t wanna talk to you”. I said “oh is that a fact, you people kill my animals for fun and he can’t show his face!” The kid smiles and had this odd look in his eye and said “Si”. Ugh!

Couple weeks go by, and I notice George is out at night, watching my cats play, or laying on our deck. Mind you, my cats cause no harm. They’re spoiled rotten, fat, fun and lazy. I yelled “CAT KILLERS” and he runs into the house. Now here what I’m gonna do is make notes of what they’ve done, some will be detailed, some will not be.

-George at night, comes out with a running chain saw towards our fence, I see him, he drops chainsaw and runs inside.

– They begin having all these sacrifice parties. People were bringing animals, and when they left, animals were gone. Went on for months

-Ava and kids leave for El Salvador, George bringing all these 1/2 naked ladies and basically has sex with them on the front lawn

-More cats were killed.
-All their activity is at night, in Pitch black, no lights, nothing.
-Ava returns from El Salvador, starts doing odd things, like letting a kids fill up a mop bucket, and use a shovel to let the kids hit eachother.

-Ava naked again, sitting in truck with towel on windshield wiper running.

– Broad daylight, smoke billowing from all windows in the house, with the smell of burning flesh.

-George again snoopin near my fence with a chain saw.

-Goats being sacrificed. Called animal control, they were fined yet again.

-Process Server comes to our house and thought we were George. It was a lawsuit that our homeowners insurance sought against them for the damage from the fire, as well as the bill from the fire department that went unpaid by them.

-George never left the house. But managed to have new vehicles brought to him with more landscaping equipment.

-Caught Ava opening the back of her van , mind you it was empty and she’s pretending to unload groceries from it

-Ava loaded a ton of laundry bags in van (weeks later), and used a car vaccum around clothes bags, vacuuming

-George always ripping his shirt off, and speaking in tounges.

-George having a bad day, loads a chicken in his truck, drives around backyard, drops chicken out, and leaves and doesn’t return for 2 days.

-Ava sets workboots on fire on back patio.

-George starts beating children and kids climb on the roof screaming. George then grabs a yellow bucket and bathes himself in the fluid.

-George pisses in their vans gas tank. He did this 4 times.

-George knocks down back fence with his truck, then sits on ground and starts speaking in tounges.

-George buys a horse trailer and starts putting orange comes around it, and pretends he’s a spotter and acts like the trailer is backing up.

-little George and Roberto always near out fence trying to lure our cats over there


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