Part 4.. Saga continues

After the whole “sibling frumpy dumpy time”, Jeremy and I were in disgust. These people are beyond demented and weird.

Now, please beware. This is where this section and sections hereafter, will begin to get gruesome, as it does make me sick to type this. Don’t go further if you don’t want too, I will completely understand.

I had my cat Sawyer, just the most precious little thing ever. Her nickname was “FuzzBucket” because when she was born, she was a ball of fur. Sawyer and I spent every single day together, playing ball, playing with her fish toy, I taught her to dance to the song “Somewhere Beyond the Sea”. Adorable! The morning of September 24, 2012, Sawyer was in the garage, and I let her out to play. Sawyer NEVER EVER left our yard, as she always stayed in the backyard or in the front . She was only 4 months old. So just maybe 10 minutes pass, and I’m heading to the car to get Zach off to school. I’m looking around and can’t find FuzzBucket. In a flash, I see George hit her with his truck, he put it in reverse and hit her again. IM SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS. He pulls up at my drive way, rolls the window down, laughs, smiles, gives me a thumbs up and speeds off. Sawyer was dead. He hit her hard and twice and her intestines exploded in my driveway. I’m in total hysterics, Zach is screaming crying. I was shaking so bad, I called Animal Control. Told them what happened and they offered to pick her up and help me bury her. As they arrive, Sawyer is right in front of the driveway where he killed her. Ava gets in her car and on purpose, runs over Sawyer, honks her horn, waves and drive away. Animal control picked up my baby, wrapped her in a bag, and I there wrapped her favorite blankie around her. I told animal control what happened, and they said they would stay with me until one of those fucks returned home. As we are digging Sawyers grave, Ava shows back up. The officer from animal control walks over there and starts yelling, and I MEAN YELLING, at her saying basically, “why did you and your husband intentionally kill her animal” Ava then pretends she doesn’t speak English, and just starts screaming, but in a happy way. Animal control wrote them a ticket for “intent to harm or purposely kill an animal”, and they were fined, $600. What had happened was Sawyer was in the front yard pooping, and when she walked on the other side of gate, that’s when he got her. Later on, the officer came back and spoke to George and he admitted he killed her on purpose. SICK BASTARD! That’s when I started taking videos, of the wierd things they did after the kill something. Next day, their son little George comes to the fence and says ” my daddy killed your cat because he wanted to see blood” ! My heart ached and still aches to this day. How could someone kill an animal like that, on purpose! For that day on, the sacrificing began.

Part 5….


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