Part 3 of this Santeria Saga

The fire was investigated, and they found the neighbors were 100% responsible. They said it was Arson, and it was set deliberately. We suffered close to 50k in property damage.

From there for the next few months, things got really wierd. George would come home at dark and would always have brand spanking new landscape tools, Toro lawn mowers, weed eaters, tractors, etc. But, he would drive in without headlights and start unloading all this in the dark! Spooky! About 2 weeks later, I see all these little kids over there. At that time, we had about 7 cats. The kids come to the fence wanting to see the cats. So I said ok, and held the cats in my arms so they could see them. I didn’t think anything of it. Only later to find out, Santeria trains the boys to kill and it was their boys very interested in the babies. Their daughter Georgina comes to the fence and tells me OUT OF NO WHERE, “you see those pigeons we have, well my mom makes me go out there at night, and rip off their heads and skin them, because that will make me a good wife”. I stood there in utter disbelief. That’s disgusting! Then this little girl comes up and says “I’m Marcella and I have a baby brother, and we are going to El Salvador to see our mommy and papa”. I said “you’re parents are there” and she says “yes, they got deported to El Salvador a few months ago” I’m like, what the hell!

Now we come to about a week or so later. Carli was at the hospital preparing to have Bayne (my nephew). I was on standby as to when I needed to get there to be in the operating room with her. Anyways, her 2 daughters (my nieces), Camryn and Kennedy, and my son Zachary, were outside playing in the jungle. Ha ha, the jungle is a big section of tall trees we have. Well we see Ava come out with this rolling cage and she filled it with chickens. She takes the cage full of chickens, and we can hear them squaking. An hour passes, cage comes out EMPTY. My kids are flipping out. We all were like oh my gosh they’re doing it again! SICK!

Shortly after that, they have this motorhome. Jeremy and I were sitting on our deck, enjoying some glasses of iced tea, and see the motorhome rocking back and forth and up and down. We go to see what the ruckus is about and we see Georgina with no shirt on and she’s eh um….. Jumping her brother Roberto! We both start screaming! And me being a Portiguese smart ass, I yell “OMFG ITS FUCK YOUR BROTHER FRIDAY!”. Georgina looks scared shitless and puts her shirt on, and her and Roberto run into the house.

Part 4 next


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